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Lewis & Clark College Theatre Thesis Festival | 2015

A solo piece co-created with writer/performer Ames Miyako, Metaxu navigates a maze of fractured memories, gendered violence, and the power of reclaiming one’s own narrative through the story of Diotima of Mantineia. Referenced briefly by Socrates in Plato’s Symposium as the teacher who explained to him the true nature of love, she is otherwise a mystery. Metaxu is our exploration of what we imagined could have been, told from inside the confines of Diotima’s own consciousness, journeying with her as she challenges the restrictions of memory and tradition to reclaim her voice.

writer/performer -- Ames Miyako

director/co-deviser -- Devan Wardrop-Saxton

lights -- Trevor Sargent

sound -- Sky Jones

(photos by Trevor Sargent)

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